Ilya Popov is a writer, editor, content manager, operations specialist, trivia host, and full-time geek. Born in the Soviet Union, he kicked around Europe with his genetic material producers until they finally decided at some point during the mid-1980s that “the USA seems an alright place to land”. So they shipped out to Boston.

Born with the wanderlust bug, it didn’t take long for Ilya to make his way north to Quebec, where he stayed long enough to get his and everyone else’s fill of poutine. Along the way he picked up a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Western Culture and Civilisation from the Liberal Arts College at Concordia University. He even appeared in a few plays along the way. We hope you enjoyed them.

After a brief spell in Russia, he made his way down to Australia, where he’s been ever since. The coffee is great, and he absolutely recommends you try their Asian cuisine; it’s goddamn glorious.

He holds three passports, speaks two languages, has worked in videogames, legal publishing, financial services, health consultation, change management, education, and accounting, and is presently working on his first novel while hunting for a new full-time job.

You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. And like you, he thinks Facebook is hot garbage. Warning: if you like pictures of puppies, his Instagram account is dangerously full of his two lovely dogs Little Spot and Pepper.

He enjoys the novels of Matt Stover, Scott Lynch, Daniel Abraham, Jim Dodge, and Thomas Pynchon and the music of Justin Bell, Andy Salvanos, and Dar Williams. He also likes hiking, big mountains, and isometric computer role-playing games.